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Valuing Talent Management, Breaking Through the Development Bottleneck of China Construction Machine


The development of China construction machinery industry is flourishing in recent years, accompanied by an increasing talent demand. However, the frequent brain drain and lack of talents for important posts have gradually become the development bottleneck

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SBM’s First Brand Image Notebook Comes Out, Innovative Design Showing Its Unique Culture


Recently, SBM‘s first brand image notebook came out. As the carrier of SBM’s outside image and a derivative of its culture, this notebook collects creative illustrations, personalized sayings and SBM brand story and combines the practical, collectible and

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SBM’s Rewarding Experience at the 115th Canton Fair with Transaction Volume Gaining Annulus Growth o


The 115th China Import and Export Commodities Fair (Canton Fair) Phase I ended in Guangzhou on April 19, 2014. During the 5 days, SBM and its customers have jointly signed contracts worth more than 160 million Yuan. In the meantime, SBM’s customer visitin

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I'm What I am, My Endorsement of the Third Session of 416 Cultural Festival


The grand opening ceremony of the festival exclusive to SBM – The Third Session of 416 Cultural Festival was held recently. The value-oriented 416 c

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Against the current in the 114th Fair, SBM is expecting a better appearance


In spite of the large depressed environment, SBM did a good job in the 114the Canton Fair, during which its customer visiting volume created a new record by an increase of 49% compared with that of the 112th Autumn Canton Fair. SBM will present its newest

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Shibang on the March 15th: Highlighting “After-sale Quality Analysis Report in 2013” and Promoting


March is the “quality improvement month” for Shibang which has been carried out once a year. It is reported that the activities in this “quality improvement month” mainly consist of key quality improvement program for production site, quality model evalua

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The General Administration of Customs Issued the Latest Statistics of 2013, indicating SBM’s Fifth N


According to the latest export statistics issued by the General Administration of Customs of the People’s Republic of China in 2013, the export volume of Shanghai Shibang Machinery Co., Ltd has lead the domestic mining machinery industry. It is the fifth

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Unveiling A New Future Construction Of The New Headquarters of SBM Is Going Smoothly


The new headquarters of SBM has begun construction since February 2013. It is planned to build a comprehensive office building integrating R&D, Production and Management.

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Moving forward together: Shibang holds the 2014 oath-taking rally


On February 7, 2013, 8th of the first month by the Lunar Calendar, Shibang Group's 2014 oath-taking rally was held on the East China Sea coast for the first time. In face of the ordeals, Shibang Group's chairman, members of the Board of Directors and th

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Going-out Strategy Promote SBM Management Level


SBM always attaches great importance to production, it not only includes improving SBM production scale, upgrading the production technology and brain gain, it also includes strengthening exchange-learning.

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