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For Recalling the Dragon and Boat Festival, SBM holds “Poetry Seminar in Dragon Boat Festival · Orig


From a thousand year ago, Dragon Boat Day has been the festival of poems. Although Qu Yuan who crooned Lisao goes far away, poetic talents and literary giants from generation to generation inherit the romantic theme from long time ago, and countless Chine

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SBM Joined the China Heavy Machinery Industry Association Formally


The Belt Conveyer Branch of China Heavy Machinery Industry Association kicked-off in Yinchuan City recently. SBM became a member of China Heavy Machinery Indust

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Kick Off of Foundation Ceremony for SBM High-end Mining Machine Research Project


The foundation ceremony for SBM high-end mining machine research project kicked off at New Project Construction Base at 10:18, May 11th. Mr, Yang, the board of directors of SBM, Mr. Yuan, vice president of Lingang Group, as well as the managers from busin

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The 117th Canton Fair Phase I Closes, There SBM Brand Effect is Highlighted


On April 19, 2015, the 117th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair), Phase I, ends in Guangdong. During the 5 days, SBM sales team has totally accepted more than 600 batches of customers, basically same with that in the 115th Spring Canton Fair in the

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SBM Won over Defendant Wante on Infringement


It’s judged by Linyi Intermediate People's Court that SBM, as plaintiff, won over Shandong Linyi Wante Machinery Co., Ltd on copyright and unfair practices in competition.

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SBM to Exhibit at the 117th Canton Fair


SBM will introduce the latest machines on the 115th China Import and Export Fair (hereinafter referred to as Canton Fair) from April 15th to April 15th, 2015.

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SBM Signs the Cooperation Memorandum with JAMIPOL


On Feburary 26th, SHANGHAI SHIBANG MACHINERY COMPANY signs the cooperation memorandum with Indian JAMIPOL COMPANY, marking a new beginning of this friendly cooperation.

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SBM Obtained a $ 8 Million Order on Mill Run


The International Trade Center of SBM obtained a $8 million order on crushing and mill run line recently. SBM outshines other competitors by the completed product solution with the slack mining environment and fierce competition.

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SBM Sponsored the China International Aggregate Conference in 2014


On December 11th, the three-day China International Aggregate Conference in 2014 sponsored by China Aggregates Association and jointly sponsored by China Aggregate Net was held in Shanghai.

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