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Co-development of Technology and Quality Display of Made In Shibang 2015

In the Government Work Report this year, the Prime Minister, Li Keqiang, pointed out: “Manufacturing is traditionally a strong industry for China. We will implement the "Made in China 2025" strategy; seek innovation-driven development; apply smart technologies; strengthen foundations; pursue green development; and redouble our efforts to upgrade China from a manufacturer of quantity to one of quality.” Under such general background manufacturing, especially traditional machinery manufacturing industry is facing opportunities and challenges.

How to rely on the national macro policy of energetically developing manufacturing industry, and improving overall innovation and high-tech level of manufacturing industry is the problem faced by many industrial companies, including Shibang. Shibang Machinery, as the professional crushing and screening brand in mining machinery field, keeps insisting on co-development of technology and quality; and in the challenging 2015, Shibang will interpret the meaning of “Made In China” and “Made in Shibang” by four upgraded classic equipments.

Continuingly Classic HJ High-Powered Jaw Crusher

HJ series of high-powered jaw crusher is the upgraded product developed to meet customer’s increased demand for high-powered and high-performance equipment, based on Shibang PE, PEW series of jaw crushers. This equipment is developed on the strength of high-input and high-output design idea, integrates low energy consumption and high capacity, wins the trust of global customers in metallic ore crushing and non-metallic ore crushing, and builds the gesture of made in great nation.