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Shoulder social responsibility and jointly build harmonious SBM

On November 9th, Shanghai Spon fire safety program, whose theme is we are acting for building SBM, is conducted in headquarter during National Fire Prevention Month.

Popularizing information on fire safety, we are taking action.

Various interactive experience programs, aiming to propagate fire-fighting knowledge have been hold in different ways, including explaining the influence of fire and the way of using extinguishers, answering fire-fighting questions, extinguishing fire and practicing self helping, etc.

“Employees have realized the importance of fire-fighting through fire safety explaining. Since functions, principles and usage were introduced in extinguishers exhibition, their fire prevention awareness has been raised. And they have learned many skills of self-production and escaping through simulation.” Mr. Wang said, the manager of safety department.

Cultural fire safety derivatives, safety signs, exert great power

Two weeks ago, the staff of cultural media department of enterprise have designed and produced a series of cultural fire safety derivatives, including fire safety propaganda posters, fire safety banners, cartoon safety signs, safety traffic paste, the general knowledge of saving oneself in elevator, aiming to arouse the staff’s concern for the fire safety, encourage the staff to engage in it, raise awareness of fire safety, and jointly learn the knowledge of fire safety.

In the “11•9” site of activity, ambassadors of cultural media department of enterprise, two or three in the group, distributed fire safety propaganda signs and safety traffic paste, and transferred more fire safety knowledge within their powers, to allow people to gather relevant experience and avoid safety accidents.

Statistically, at least 200 copies of various fire safety documents have been handed out and put up to a number of places, such as headqurter of Spon in Huadong Road, headqurter of Spon, Zhuqiao, Qidong, by ambassadors of cultural media department of enterprise

Potential fire safety hazard check and investigation is about to move

Meanwhile, administration center will cooperate with security department and audit center, and carry out potential fire safety hazard check and investigation in key investigation areas, including factory, office building distract, exhibition hall, dormitory and kitchen. Further potential problems and hazard will be checked, registered, rectified and reformed by the related officials to ensure property safety of enterprise and staff, and build safe SBM.